K1002 - Full Column

  • K1002 - Full Column
  • K1002 - Full Column
  • K1002 - Full Column


Columns are great non-restrictive space dividers. This advantage is especially appreciated in small spaces.

K1002 is a full column fluted shaft with dimensions (cm) : 22 x 22 x 199.5 - Ø 22

Combine K1002 with your choice of Capital and Pedestal for a look uniquely yours:

- Capital : K1112 or K1122

- Pedestal : K1152 or K1132


Considerations : To adjust our column combination to the required height, we recommend to start with the base (the foot) of the column. Columns can't be used to bear constructions but they are ideal to wrap constructive elements. Please check the the minimal inside width of the columns.

Type Full Column
Tags Column, Decorative Element, Full Column

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