FAQ (Orac Profiles)

Why do decorators love this product? 

Some people are passionate about Orac Decor® products because they are of exceptional high quality with a fine finish and simple installation. It makes renovating an interior or finishing a project faster and a lot easier.

As the pioneer who introduced synthetics technology for the production of decorative finishes and elements, over the course of 40 years (and counting), Orac has successfully developed the unique combination of exceptionally high quality products that are architecturally stunning, of fine finish and installs simply. This makes renovating your interior or finishing your project faster and a lot easier.

In addition, all the products can be painted because they have already been pre-primed, and many are multi-functional. 


Can I use these profiles and elements outdoors? 

The only difference with indoor applications is the adhesive used to put the elements in place. After placement they should be painted with a quality outdoor paint and installed with our adhesive Decofix Hydro®. These elements can also add a luxurious finishing touch to humid areas such as bathrooms, swimming pools and saunas.

There is also a series of outdoor profiles available specifically for outdoor usage. Drop us a mail to enquire! 


What materials are these profiles made of? 

ORAC nv/sa is a pioneer in the use of innovative materials. Our high-technology products are of superior quality and easier to install than traditional materials such as plaster and wood.

The majority of the products from the LUXXUS collection are made of polyurethane (Purotouch). The ornaments from the AXXENT collection are made of Duropolymer, and the BASIXX collection uses Durofoam.  All the materials are supplied pre-primed and can be painted immediately.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Recyclable


  • Heavy and fragile
  • Requires expert craftsmen skills
  • Custom made
  • Recyclable


  • Different types of wood
  • Absorbs water / prone to deformation
  • Risk of termite infestation
  • Easy but heavy to manipulate
  • Water resistant 
  • Knock resistant 
  • Sharp details 
  • Matt and smooth finish (no sanding required)
  • Ready stocked and can be delivered quickly
  • Fine detail, made to order
  • Stable material - requires high quality raw material



  • Knock resistant
  • Warps and deforms over time
  • Cracks with humidity fluctuations


  • Easy and quick to handle and install
  • Already primed, ready to paint
  • Requires skilled professionals
  • Time consuming
  • Intensive and dirty installation


  • Requires knowledge of wood properties
  • Absorbs paint



I want to renovate and move in to my place quickly. How long must I wait for the materials to reach?

All the materials are stocked in Belgium and ready for shipping. We can have them shipped as fast as within 2-3 weeks upon confirmation of the items needed for your usage.  


I like modern home designs and am unsure if such profiles and elements suit?

A lot of our products were indeed inspired by Greek and Roman architecture. This artistic heritage inspires us not to re-create classical products but to innovate using the philosophy behind it; the use of mathematical proportions to create beautiful volumes on walls and ceilings.

The idea behind our product is to create profiles that relate to each other, to create depths, personality and balance in a space.


Who can install these profiles and trimmings?

The profiles are not difficult to install and can be effectively done by handy person or tradesmen who respects these steps at the preparation and installation stages.

  • The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease and should be as even as possible. We recommend sanding the surface in advance.
  • The ideal room temperature is between 10°C and 35°C. To ensure easy installation, keep the Orac Decor® elements and glues at room temperature 24 hours in advance.
  • Always use our special Decofix® glues for quality adhesion.

The rest is child's play.

Seeing is believing. Watch the installation video now! 


How to install the other Orac items?  

Orac Decor® products are made from high-quality polymers combining the strong, workable, quality characteristics of synthetic materials and with the look of wood or plaster.

All products already have a primer on them to ensure better painting results and can be easily installed with the Decofix® adhesives. 

We have the installation guides for these various profiles, mouldings and decorative ornaments. Let us know what you need! 

  • Cornice & Mouldings
  • Classic Wainscot
  • Contemporary Wainscot
  • Ceiling Roses
  • Domes
  • FLEX Profiles
  • Door Panels
  • Domes
  • Half Columns
  • Full Columns