Soundscape - Acoustic Panels & Fabrics

Continually increasing and improving our acoustic range of products, our multi-functional acoustic finishes work harder than merely reducing reverberated noise. They also function beautifully as a pin-board, artistic wall feature, or simply a splash of fresh color in any room. Always pleasing to the eyes, and definitely soothing to the ears.

Having imported and distributed since 2004, our confidence in understanding and handling the product is undoubted. Our hands-on experience, first-hand witnesses and repeat clients can attest to that.

Suitable for educational institutions, public spaces, offices, studios, dining outlets, childcare centres - pretty much anywhere that requires acoustic treatments.

How to identify if treatment is required? You will appreciate the need for good acoustics when -- instead of an non-invasive buzz, the place you step into screams back into your ears. This is where we come in to fill the void, literally.

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